Mind if I sit in on your surgery?

Most people are unaware that it’s common practice for a medical device sales rep to be present in the operating room during procedures where specialized equipment is in use.

The rep can be a knowledgeable source of expertise, but it raises privacy concerns, adds cost, and can increase the risk of infection. Plus, it can be uncomfortable intrusion for the patient — speaking from experience — depending upon what part of you is undergoing surgery.

Nurep is a technology company that answers these concerns with a virtual platform — allowing the rep to participate via highly-secure video conferencing without actually being present in the room.

Tasked with creating a capabilities brochure for Nurep’s healthcare institution audience, I teamed with writer Steve Malloch and illustrator Lane duPont to create a piece that empowered the sales team to market their product despite the fact that there was no working prototype of the Nurep device at the time.