About NAIL

NAIL’s mission is to look at the lives of creatives in the world. We’re interested in how talented, committed, empathetic people get through the day. How we survive and, more than that, thrive, looking beyond to greater ambitions and desires.

We’re in a moment of incivility. Visceral and psychic violence. Information bombardment and fake news. And the post-truth culture of Donald Trump.

The NAIL team firmly believes that addressing these issues will make the world a better place.

NAIL is published quarterly.


The NAIL Team

Publisher: Ted Leonhardt
Ted led the Seattle firm The Leonhardt Group to $10 million annual billing and successfully negotiated its sale to FITCH. Since then, he’s been around the world leading design teams, negotiating sales, and sharing his knowledge with other creatives. He is a regular contributor to Fast Company.

Editor: Elea Carey
Elea has thirty years of experience in writing, editing, and publishing, for a broad range of clients in industries including health care, tech startup, venture capital, and fine arts. She is the author of several acclaimed short stories.

Managing Editor: Allison Durazzi
Allison is a writer with a long history in nonprofit spaces including the arts, legal aid, and hospitality. She’s worked with One Reel / Bumbershoot, Seattle Poetry Slam, and Omnidawn Publishing.

Creative Director: Ross Hogin
Ross has been on the ground in Seattle’s design community for over two decades. He’s worked independently and on staff with numerous design firms and ad agencies (including a stint at The Leonhardt Group). He began his illustrious career as a hammer hog operator.

Developer: Erin Kodama
Erin is the mad scientist who keeps things humming at nailthemagazine.com and tedleonhardt.com. She is crazy skilled at web development, speaks Japanese (in addition to all those acronym-y code languages) and is widely held to be the nicest person in the world.